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Why join us
  • 30% commission on all members
  • Massive 3 month affiliate cookie duration
  • Easy to use and simple to promote web based product that works on any Operating System
  • Promotional material provided
  • Powerful affiliate reporting tools
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How does your affiliate program work?

It's really simple. You simply place your affiliate hyperlink (which we give you) where your audience who would be interested in our service can see it. They click it and if they purchase a plan you get 30% of that payment from them.

How much money can I earn?

When joining any affiliate program you'll want to know the earning potential first. So let's take a look at what the Big Guest Posting affiliate program can earn you.

If you have an established audience its not uncommon for affiliate members to make several sales daily. So lets look at some figures.

Say you sign up on average 10 members a day (costing each member $59 so you get $17.70 x 10 commission) that's $177.00 a day or $5,487.00 a month in commission. And remember that is easy passive income too. So share you affiliate link, sit back and relax while you make money.

$5,487.00 is a huge amount of money for anyone and remember this is passive income too. It's really as simple as, create an account, and give people your affiliate link. That's it!

All affiliate accounts come with powerful and easy to use reporting